Фразовые глаголы с примерами

Фразовые глаголы с примерами

act up — плохо себя вести; капризничать
The babysitter had a difficult time. The children acted up all evening.

add up to — сводиться к
The bills add up to $734.96. That’s more than I expected!

ask out — пригласить; назначить свидание
Nancy has a new boyfriend. Joe asked her out last night.

back down / back off — отступать, уступать (в споре)
Tom was going to call the police when I told him I’d wrecked his car, but he backed down when I said I’d pay for the damages.

beg off — отказываться
At first Lily said she would be at the party. Later she begged off.

bone up on – зубрить
If you’re going to travel to Peru, you’d better bone up on your Spanish.

break in — вламываться, врываться.
Jane’s apartment was burglarized last night. Someone broke in while Jane was at the movies.

bring up — 1) поднимать (вопрос); заводить (разговор), 2) воспитывать
1) We planned to discuss overtime pay in the meeting. Why didn’t someone bring that topic up?
2) Lucy’s parents died when she was a baby. Her grandparents brought her up.

brush up on — освежать (знания); совершенствовать
If you’re going to travel to Peru, you’d better brush up on your Spanish.

burn down — спалить дотла
Lightning struck Mr. Kennedy’s barn last night. It burned down before the fire fighters arrived.

burn up — вспыхивать снова, негодовать
All of Mr. Kennedy’s hay burned up when his barn burned down.
Did you hear how rudely Fred talked to me? That really burned me up!

butt in — встревать (в разговор)
Hey, you! Don’t butt in! Wait for your turn!

butter up — грубо льстить
I guess Marty reall wants to be promoted. He’s been buttering his boss up all week.

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